Blue State Blues: Two Presidents, Two Countries

Blue State Blues: Two Presidents, Two Countries

President Donald Trump continues running the country as if there were no doubt that he had won the election and will stay in office for a second term. Former Vice President Joe Biden, having declared himself President-elect, is doing the best he can to show that he is assuming the responsibilities of the presidency.

Thus, on Thursday, we saw Trump tweeting, “VACCINES ARE COMING FAST!!!” while Biden told the nation, “The country is still in a crisis and there’s a dark winter still ahead.”

Effectively, the country has two presidents at the same time. Cartoonist and pundit Scott Adams predicted this outcome, and did so before the election, noting that it was likely the result would be contested, no matter who seemed to come out ahead.

Perhaps it would be just as accurate to say that we have no presidents, because Democrats have never considered Trump to be the legitimate president, and Republicans

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