‘Blockland’ book review: Part gonzo, part Bitcoin-thriller, 100% recommended

‘Blockland’ book review: Part gonzo, part Bitcoin-thriller, 100% recommended

The first hint that Blockland – 21 Stories of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is perhaps not quite the same as the average book on the subject of crypto is splashed bold, right across its cover.

Eschewing the usual staid design cues, it instead features Trevor Jones’ artwork, “The Ecstasy (Bitcoin Angel).” The religious iconography of the image is striking, to say the least.

And it is carried through to the language of several of the chapters (or stories), conveying both the almost mythical nature of Bitcoin’s origin story and the devout faith of the many different flavours of crypto-believer.

So could Blockland be Bitcoin’s first sacred text?

A life less ordinary

Before we get to that, I must confess that I could have easily taken an instant dislike to this book.

In the foreword, the author, Elias Ahonen, describes a whistle-stop crypto-fuelled globe-spanning trip of almost biblical excess, which brought back to mind the truly abominable The Little

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