BLM Protesters Clash with Police at Capitol

BLM Protesters Clash with Police at Capitol

Protesters clashed with Capitol Hill police on Wednesday outside the fence that was put up last week to keep lawmakers safe during the transition of power to President-elect Joe Biden’s administration.

The group was identified by the Washington Examiner as ShutDownDC, a collection of protestors who support Black Lives Matter and were chanting the Marxist organization’s slogans. The protesters tried to tie a banner to the fence, with the phrase “EXPEL ALL FASCISTS” on it, but were met with resistance from the police because they were protesting without a permit.

The banner had the names of Republicans in Congress who supported President Donald Trump’s election challenges written on it, including Sen. Josh Hawley.

The protesters say they’re going to tie this banner to the fence surrounding the Capitol. Behind that fence, there are hundreds of cops and members of the National Guard—so, we’ll see.

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— Nic Rowan (@NicXTempore)

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