BLASTED: Texas State Representative Slams CNN’s “Slanted View” of CRT

BLASTED: Texas State Representative Slams CNN’s “Slanted View” of CRT

CNN’s efforts to negatively portray conservatives who oppose CRT appear to have been thwarted during a heated exchange between CNN’s Victor Blackwell and Texas State Representative Steve Toth. State Rep. Toth even went as far as to accuse the network of putting a “slanted view” on issues of race in order to promote the teaching of CRT in public schools.

Indeed, the main impetus for inviting State Rep. Toth onto Blackwell’s program appears to have been his leading role in crafting legislation in the Texas State House that would significantly limit the ability of the Texas public school system to teach CRT in schools. When Blackwell questioned the motivation to prioritize opposing the teaching of CRT over other issues public school students face in Texas, State Rep. Toth responded by saying “Critical race theory is not about not teaching the egregious things that happened in the past. Critical race theory is about blaming children today in the classroom for

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