Bitcoin Vault has officially joined

Bitcoin Vault has officially joined

On March 31, announced through its official Twitter profile that it has started to mine Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) internally, in a first step towards launching a public pool on its website at a future date. hosts some of the most popular and trusted mining pools in the crypto industry. They run pools for all major Proof of Work-based cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Current pool distribution statistics show that over 10 percent of Bitcoin’s total network hash rate is channeled through pools.

Launched in 2019, Bitcoin Vault is a cryptocurrency project focused on providing a higher security standard to its users. BTCV’s unique 3-Key Security Solution allows for transactions to be reversed within the first 24 hours of being sent to the network.

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BTCV broadening horizons

The partnership between Bitcoin Vault and has been in the making for over six months. According to BTCV’s Chief Communications Officer, Radek Popiel, the announcement represents a

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