Bitcoin Funding Rates Fall Flat For Weeks As Market Takes Pause

Bitcoin Funding Rates Fall Flat For Weeks As Market Takes Pause

The funding rates for Bitcoin have recovered from their September 2020 lows, insomuch that they are now trending sideways since April 18.

Many analysts watch Bitcoin Funding Rates because of their potential to predict the upcoming trends in the flagship cryptocurrency market. In retrospect, they signify periodic payments that traders with open short positions pay to the ones with open long positions, all based on the difference between the perpetual contract market and spot price.

A positive funding rate reflects traders’ bullish bias, showing that long traders pay short traders in a market that appears heavily skewed to the upside. Similarly, when the Bitcoin funding rate becomes negative, it implies that traders are bearish, which means short traders pay long traders.

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…based on Arcane Research’s report, the funding rates have gone neutral for more than a week. The research and analysis firm added that the short-term bias conflict between bears and bulls would eventually favor the latter, given

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