Bitcoin Fundamental Expert Claims Adoption Metrics “Look Awful”

Bitcoin Fundamental Expert Claims Adoption Metrics “Look Awful”

Bitcoin adoption metrics across the board “look awful”, claims a BTC fundamental expert on Twitter.

BTC Adoption Metrics Seem To Be Down

A BTC fundamental expert on Twitter claims that Bitcoin adoption metrics “look awful”, citing a few charts highlighting the important trends.

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There are three relevant graphs here that the expert has pointed out, each related to the BTC address growth.

The first metric is the Daily Active Addresses, which as the name suggests shows the number of addresses active each day.

Here is how the Bitcoin Daily Active Addresses chart looks like:

BTC active addresses have plummeted recently

As is clear in the graph, the Bitcoin daily active addresses have only gone down in the last few months. In fact, the metric seems to have almost halved when compared to the peak during the early part of the year.

The next indicator of relevance is the number of addresses with more than 1k BTC metric, which

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