Bitcoin facilitates a global economy, says Tim Draper

Bitcoin facilitates a global economy, says Tim Draper

Venture capitalist Tim Draper is continuing his bullish talk on Bitcoin in some investment tips for those new to the crypto space.

Speaking at the Collision web summit on Thursday, Draper said Bitcoin (BTC) could incentivize governments around the world to compete for the attention and devotion — and seemingly, money — of its citizens. According to the venture capitalist, crypto levels the playing field, so lawmakers will have to choose if they want to make people’s lives better, otherwise they will simply move to somewhere that will.

“People are already realizing that they would rather have Bitcoin than fiat currency,” said Draper. “Bitcoin facilitates [a global economy] from the economic standpoint because it is a global currency — it doesn’t care where the borders are. It isn’t tied to one nationality or another.”

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He said that interested Collision attendees could participate in the crypto economy by getting a digital wallet, encouraging women to put their “toe in the

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