Announces Cooperation Agreement With Japanese Media CoinOtaku Announces Cooperation Agreement With Japanese Media CoinOtaku

PRESS RELEASE., the go-to web portal for everything bitcoin, announced it reached a cooperation agreement with Japanese media CoinOtaku. A subsidiary of Beat Holdings Limited, CoinOtaku (CoinPartner) has over 900,000 views per month in its cryptocurrency portal and thousands of subscribers to its YouTube channel.

In addition to the media business, Beat Holdings also owns Crypto Messenger Wallet – an app capable of showing news updates, price charts, messenger, and sending and receiving crypto assets. It is now possible for users to store Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on the wallet, helping to expand the reach of the popular cryptocurrency. Beats Holdings will customize this app for CoinOtaku and create the CP Wallet app. and CoinOtaku will implement a joint marketing campaign to contribute to the further spread and expansion of BCH and the development of a sound crypto asset investment market in Japan. Both sites will link to each other and the two wallets will link to

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