Bipartisan gang’s last-ditch infrastructure pitch under scrutiny

Bipartisan gang’s last-ditch infrastructure pitch under scrutiny

Lawmakers in both parties have spent weeks negotiating unsuccessfully to find a deal on infrastructure.

Democrats are ready to move on and pass a bill without GOP support, but a small group of Republicans and Democrats are pitching a last-minute proposal they say can attract bipartisan support.

Five Senate Republicans and five Senate Democrats announced the deal on Thursday, calling it “a realistic, compromise framework to modernize our nation’s infrastructure and energy technologies.”

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The group launched early discussions with the White House and hopes the plan can become the basis of a bill that will pass the Senate with bipartisan support.

But Biden is traveling in Europe and hasn’t signaled whether he will back the proposal yet. A White House statement Friday said, “Questions need to be addressed” about the plan and how it is paid for.

The president isn’t the only hurdle.

The measure leaves out top liberal wish list

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