Biological evolution should inform how humans design markets

Biological evolution should inform how humans design markets

If the global COVID-19 pandemic has taught humanity anything, it has hammered home the lesson that the human being is as dependent on its fellows as the honeybee or ant. Scientists, academics, pharmaceutical executives, philanthropists and government agencies have worked together to roll out a vaccine program that is breaking all records for speed and efficiency. All these roles were necessary to the effort — none could have succeeded in the absence of the other.

This is a clear illustration of what, to me, is the main advantage of human society: The division of labor that makes the human race greater than the sum of its parts. There are a host of more prosaic examples. As I write this, I am using software that I did not create on a computer I could never manufacture, and all of that is powered by electricity I neither discovered nor generated.

A background in medicine and biology has given me unique insight into the

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