Billy Graham on the Tonight Show With Johnny Carson

Billy Graham on the Tonight Show With Johnny Carson

Before you say “this has nothing to do with Trump” …. hang in there and think again!

This video popped up in my YouTube feed today.

I don’t know why but I’m glad it did!

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I used to love the great Late Night talk show hosts.

Carson and Letterman in their prime were the best….truly hilarious, and instant wit in any situation.

Not Letterman today, of course.

Now he’s just whiney and political and a Far Left Wokist jerk.

Maybe he always was Far Left, maybe they all always were Far Left….but this video is STUNNING in just how far we’ve fallen in a few short decades.

I was curious what I would find when I clicked into this, and it was so much more than I expected.

Watch as Johnny gives Billy Graham ample time and respect throughout this interview.

No talking over each other.

No snide comments or rude jokes.

An actual conversation, and actual respect.


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