Bill Maher Slams Higher Education as a 'Grift,' 'Overpaid Babysitters'

Bill Maher Slams Higher Education as a 'Grift,' 'Overpaid Babysitters'

HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher host Bill Maher slammed higher education as a “grift” and a “luxury daycare center” staffed with “overpaid babysitters,” on the latest episode broadcast Friday.

Maher began his “New Rule” monologue segment by saying that President Joe Biden’s “American Families Plan” is an endorsement of the idea “that the more time humans spend in classrooms, staring at blackboards, the better.”

“Liberals see more school the way Republicans see tax cuts — as the answer to everything,” he continued. “We imagine going to college as the way to fight income inequality, but actually, it does the reverse.”

“If you have a bachelor’s degree, you make about 65 percent more than someone who doesn’t, and with a master’s degree, it’s more like 100 percent more,” Maher explained. “And the unemployment rate of college grads is about half what it is for high school grads.”

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Therefore, he

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