Bill Gates Questions Whether FDA Can Be Trusted on Vaccine

Bill Gates Questions Whether FDA Can Be Trusted on Vaccine

Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates questioned whether a Food and Drug Administration-approved coronavirus vaccine would be trusted in an interview Tuesday on Bloomberg Television.

Gates said, “Any suggestion a politician helped create the vaccine, or it’s faster because a politician is a very dangerous thing. We saw with the completely bungled plasma statements that when you start pressuring people to say optimistic things, they go completely off the rails. The FDA lost a lot of credibility there.”

When asked if he trusts the FDA, Gates said, “I think within the FDA there is a lot of professionals. Historically, just like the CDC was viewed as the best in the world, the FDA had that same reputation as a top-notch regulator. But there’s been some cracks with some of the things they’ve said at the commissioner level. Hopefully, the staff isn’t pulled in that direction.”

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He continued, “The CDC

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