Bill Gates Has A Plan….To Dim The Sun

Bill Gates Has A Plan….To Dim The Sun

You can’t make this type of stuff up.

According to various reports Bill Gates is involved in efforts to dim the sun.

Sources say that experiments are already under way to use non-toxic aerosols in a way as to control the amount of sunlight within the atmosphere.

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The whole aim of the project is to combat global warming, or so the articles say.

Could there be something more sinister going on?

There are a lot of people who suspect Bill Gates of being involved in some pretty dark things to say the least.

So much mistrust exists for this guy, and it isn’t very hard to see why.

Everything from the farmland he is buying, to the gene harvesting tech he funded in China, and now this are all regularly pointed out by media and news outlets.

Take a look:

Bill gates also wants a dust cloud to hinder sunlight to curb global

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