Bill Barr Declares Pensacola Naval Air Station Shooting “An Act of Terrorism”


Bill Barr did not hold back.

Unlike Barack Obama, he wasn’t afraid to label something “terrorism” and he wasn’t afraid to say it was “motivated by jihadist ideology.”

Wow, what a change an Administration can make, huh?

Watch it here:

AG William Barr says the shooting at Pensacola Naval Air Station by a Saudi national was “an act of terrorism” and the shooter was “motivated by jihadist ideology”

— CBS News (@CBSNews) January 13, 2020

And from CBS:

Attorney General William Barr said Monday the deadly shooting by a Saudi national at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in December was “an act of terrorism” that was “motivated by jihadist ideology.”

At a press conference announcing the findings of the Justice Department’s investigation into the attack, Barr said the shooter, 21-year-old Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, acted alone.

On September 11, the gunman, an aviation student at the Naval Air Station and member of the Saudi Air

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