Big Tech Oligarchs Collude To Ban Parler From Internet And Phones

Big Tech Oligarchs Collude To Ban Parler From Internet And Phones

Parler will be offline by midnight Jan. 10 after Amazon yanked the free-speech social media platform off its web hosting service this weekend.

“Recently, we’ve seen a steady increase in this violent content on your website, all of which violates our terms” the company notified Parler in an email published by BuzzFeed news.

The Saturday announcement followed decisions from Apple and Google to kick Parler from their own app stores, claiming similar infractions of their terms of service, branding Parler as a haven for extremism in the wake of Jan. 6’s capitol chaos. The moves mark a major escalation of big tech’s long-coming purge of online voices competing with the leftist world order of Silicon Valley, where the California ruling class has capitalized on Wednesday’s unrest to silence opposition, ban the president from the 21st-century public square, and eliminate all alternatives.

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No such widespread censorship was cast upon leftist elites who encouraged the repeated outbreak of deadly riots last

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