Big Tech Gave BOATLOADS To BLM Founder

Big Tech Gave BOATLOADS To BLM Founder

$7.5 million?! Are you kidding me?!

Why are you as a company giving so much to these groups in the first place? Why are certain corporations giving so much money to activists?

$7.5 million is a lot of money……life changing money, and I guess the life of Patrisse Khan-Cullors was forever changed after her reported real estate spree.

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For those who might have had any doubt that BLM was a total con, lay those doubts to rest with the knowledge that the founders are getting rich.

Take a look:

Some donors: Moskovitz $5.5M, Dorsey $1.5M, Reed $250K.

BLM founder Cullors described self as “trained Marxist” & “believe in Marxism”. Owns real estate portfolio +$3M value.

Facebook response to Cullors controversy was to block estate holding articles.

— Phil (@PhilTay1984) April 25, 2021

Another perfect illustration of how Wokeism is simply Marxism with class swapped out for race. As always, the rules the

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