Big Bitcoin Investors – Who They Are: In Tesla’s Footsteps

Big Bitcoin Investors – Who They Are: In Tesla’s Footsteps

A couple of years ago, large companies considered it a good form to throw stones at the crypto industry, with Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies coming under heavy criticism. Today, many market participants have been forced to radically alter their view of this new financial instrument and even join the crypto community.

What’s the reason for these big players’ change in attitude, and what organizations can be called major Bitcoin investors? Learn from our material!

Bitcoin Has Become Attractive for Business

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Cryptocurrency has been around for just over 12 years. Of course, that’s nothing compared to traditional money, but despite their youth, cryptocurrencies are evolving much faster than classical financial instruments due to their technical features.

This rapid development has helped Bitcoin (BTC), the most capitalized of the digital assets, to pass through a number of important stages in just a few years. We suggest that you look at these in more detail.

№1 – Launch and Dissemination Among

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