Biden’s Unfair Menthol Ban Is Bad For Black Smokers

Biden’s Unfair Menthol Ban Is Bad For Black Smokers

The Biden administration is taking aim at menthol cigarettes. Under a new proposal, the minty tobacco product could be outright banned by the federal government. Not all cigarettes, mind you, although there is talk along those lines too, just menthols. The plan isn’t just wrongheaded, it’s dangerous and deeply unfair as well. Also, like so much of Biden’s backwards agenda, it places needless emphasis on race.

So why ban menthols and only menthols? It is because they are the type of cigarette most favored by black smokers. This is a ham-fisted attempt at equity that not only doesn’t create equity but has the potential to harm black smokers more than their white counterparts, who tend to be less likely to smoke Kools or Newports.

By banning the sale of menthols nationwide, Biden would be inviting not just a black market, but a new and deadly black market our country has thus far avoided. As it stands now, the vast

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