Biden’s Massive ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Spends Less Than Half on Infrastructure

Biden’s Massive ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Spends Less Than Half on Infrastructure

President Joe Biden told America on Wednesday that he wants us to spend $2.3 trillion on America’s infrastructure. Unfortunately, that’s about half true.

Yes, Biden indeed wants to spend that $2.3 trillion on his American Jobs Plan. (In fact, he wants us to spend a lot more than that; in addition to the $1.9 trillion in spending from the American Rescue Plan, his COVID-19 relief package, he’s set to introduce the American Families Plan in a few weeks, which will blow even more of your money on health care and education.)

However, he doesn’t want to spend $2.3 trillion on infrastructure. That’s where he has us a bit hoodwinked. In fact, according to a Fox News analysis, less than half of the money in the infrastructure plan will actually go to what we’d traditionally think of as infrastructure — $750 billion, according to the outlet’s estimate.

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And while Biden talked in

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