Biden’s Immigration Plan Will be a Disaster

Biden’s Immigration Plan Will be a Disaster

On February 18, 2021, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez and California Congresswoman Linda Sanchez introduced a mega amnesty bill that has the entire nation in a state of disbelief. Preston Huennekens of the Federation for American Immigration Reform described the U.S. Citizenship Act as the “largest amnesty bill ever proposed in the history of the United States.” 

Under this bill, every illegal alien in America would be placed on the pathway to citizenship. Like all legislative boondoggles, the bill is 353 pages long with a section-by-section summary of the bill having a total of 60 pages. Huennekens argues that the ”bill’s length is a testament to the sweeping changes that Biden and his congressional Democratic allies want to make to the immigration system of the United States.”

The bill features five sections but as Huennekens observed, “there are zero enhancements to border security or asylum reform, in stark contrast to prior efforts (e.g. the 2013 Gang of Eight proposal)

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