Biden’s DHS Redefining Illegal Aliens as “Undocumented Individuals”

Biden’s DHS Redefining Illegal Aliens as “Undocumented Individuals”

Axios reported on Tuesday that Joe Biden is requiring government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security to cease using the term “illegal alien,” instead identifying those that violate America’s immigration laws as “undocumented individuals” or “noncitizens.”

The term illegal alien originates in US code, and remains legal language under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Attempts on the part of the Democratic Party to strike it from the law and define US citizenship to apply globally are unlikely to pass Congress, although Biden can mandate politically correct language in government as President.

DHS officials mandated the change in an email sent to officials of US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Acting director Tracy Renaud cited a perceived need for “more inclusive language in the agency’s outreach efforts, internal documents and in overall communication with stakeholders, partners and the general public.

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