Biden’s ATF Nominee In Hot Water?

Biden’s ATF Nominee In Hot Water?

David Chipman should NOT be ATF director.

To start things off, Mr.Chipman doesn’t know the difference between a pistol, a rifle, and automatic weaponry. An Ar-15 is NOT an assault rifle.

No gun legally sold to civilians in America is an automatic weapon.

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WE know this, but it seems like Chipman does not, or at least he pretends to not know.

Sources say that the radical ATF employee may or may not be confirmed due to a lack of votes from Democrats in gun friendly states.

This lack of votes would reportedly leave Chipman in ‘limbo’, as he may not have the required support to be confirmed. Personally, I think this guy isn’t up to the job—not in the slightest bit.

He smiles too much, and knows far too little about what should be his field of expertise. This makes him a good candidate for director of a clown school—not a regulator of The 2nd Amendment.

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