Biden's American Families Plan will hurt families

Biden's American Families Plan will hurt families

Government “help” often has the unintended consequence of hurting those who were supposed to benefit. Just look at what increasing government subsidies of healthcare and higher education have done. Who hasn’t felt the pain of rising insurance costs? Who hasn’t heard of the explosion in student debt?

This is why parents should be concerned about the tsunami of new government “assistance” promises in President Joe Biden’s American Families Plan. It would usher unprecedented costs and government intrusions into their lives.

Many parents, working hard to provide their families a better life, are looking for healthy, safe places where their children can learn and be nourished while they are on the job. The Biden plan purports to help with this.

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Unfortunately, the American Families Plan would increase Washington’s control of preschool, child care, community college, and four-year colleges by providing strings-attached subsidies to government-approved programs. This approach stifles innovation, limits the choices available to families, and unfairly shifts

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