Biden won't get far just blaming Trump for everything

Biden won't get far just blaming Trump for everything

Every single achievement Biden touted during his first address before Congress on Wednesday was made either at the expense of the Trump administration or in spite of it, which shows just how insecure Biden’s administration really is.

On the vaccine rollout, for example, Biden claimed credit for vaccinating 70% of America’s senior citizens without once mentioning that this process had already begun under his predecessor. Biden loves to make it seem as though the vaccine supply magically appeared in pharmacies nationwide when he became president. But by the time Biden entered the Oval Office, there were already 800 million doses being developed and distributed thanks to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. Biden just piggy-backed off of the distribution plan that was already in place.

If anything, Biden’s administration made the vaccine rollout more difficult. Earlier this month, the Food and Drug Administration ordered a temporary pause to the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine over concerns about

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