Biden White House stumbles as Cubans stand

Biden White House stumbles as Cubans stand

In dozens of big Cuban cities, ordinary people of all backgrounds did something historic over the weekend. They rose up and began mass protests against their nation’s tyrannical regime.

They want freedom, and they are trying to win it. Citizens have been seen on camera, courageously gathering in front of the Communist Party’s headquarters, chanting, “Cuba isn’t yours!” and “Libertad!” They have brought out statues of the Virgin Mary, and some have even been caught on camera waving American flags. 

This is a difficult and risky thing for Cubans to do. For these protests, unlike the ones in which Americans routinely participate, do not take place in a country that tolerates dissent. Cuban protesters face being snitched on for their involvement or being recognized in videos. They risk arrest, loss of employment, harassment, and other serious reprisals just for voicing displeasure with the regime. Cuba’s security services are famous for violently putting down dissent.

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