Biden Tries To Change History And Attempts To Blame Major Obama Blunder On Former President Bush


Biden is feeling the heat and just one day after he threw his son under the bus a new interview published on Monday reports, he’s trying to change history.

During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the Democrat Presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden claims the 2011 withdrawal of troops in Iraq was a mistake but, it wasn’t Obama’s fault. Biden said:

“Well, it was a mistake in the sense that, the president asked me to draw down 150,000 combat troops, and I was in charge of that. And I pled with the Iraqi government to allow a residual force to stay so we could stay focused on, then, al Qaeda, before ISIS. But President Bush had made a deal with the Iraqis that all the forces would be out. We could not get the votes in the parliament to change it, so that

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