Biden Team Announces Inauguration Theme: ‘America United’

Biden Team Announces Inauguration Theme: ‘America United’

President-Elect Democrat Joe Biden’s transition team announced Monday that the theme for Biden’s inauguration will be “America United” and will focus on Biden’s efforts to forge a “new national journey” and a “path to a brighter future.”

“The theme of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration is ‘America United,’ despite deep divisions in the country, and will be focused on a ‘new national journey’ that the Biden team says will ‘restore the soul of America’ and bring the country together,” according to Fox News.

“Biden’s inauguration, set for next week, Jan. 20, comes at ‘a time of unprecedented crisis,’ according to the Biden team, and its inaugural theme ‘reflects the beginning’ of a ‘path to a brighter future,’” the outlet continued, referencing the official announcement.

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“Our political divisions are seeking to tear us apart and continue to test the strength of our democracy,” the announcement read. “The moment calls for sober reflection and the mustering of our national resolve. It is also

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