Biden targets Black voters in new ads

Biden targets Black voters in new ads

Joseph R. Biden is wooing the Black vote in a series of ads his campaign released this week featuring barbershop talk focusing on the importance of voting and backing the Biden-Harris ticket.

The ads went up nationally, as well as in the battleground states of Florida, Michigan. North Carolina and Wisconsin, where the former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential nominee is hoping to increase Black voter turnout.

“We see what this president is currently doing, we have 170.000 American dead because of COVID,” a Black man named Antoine says in one ad. “There is a lack of trust. … The big thing that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can do is rebuild trust.”

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The issue of trust proved to be a saving grace for Mr. Biden in the Democratic presidential primary — particularly in South Carolina, where Black voters said that trust was one the chief reasons they were rallying behind former President Obama’s right-hand man.

Mr. Biden

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