Biden Takes Heat for Cruel Response to Restaurant Owner

Biden Takes Heat for Cruel Response to Restaurant Owner

In case you were wondering, the cover image of this article is a screengrab of the thirty seconds Joe Biden spent with his eyes closed trying to answer a simple question during his town hall this week.

It’s laughable how much Democrats blame Trump for the negative ramifications of their own policies.

Don’t get me wrong, Republicans were no help either during the pandemic but at least some of them did their best.

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Over half a year since he’s been in office, Joe has still taken every opportunity to blame his catastrophic re-opening decisions on President Trump.

Pardon me Joe, but I don’t remember paying this much for a gallon of gas under Trump. Come to think of it, I don’t remember my grocery bill being this high either. Hilarious how reality doesn’t match the rhetoric.

A problem that has emerged because of Joe’s sleepy leadership style is the labor shortage for business owners.

As more businesses open, the

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