Biden Takes Half As Many Questions As Trump Over Last 6 Weeks

Biden Takes Half As Many Questions As Trump Over Last 6 Weeks

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has answered fewer than half as many questions from the media than President Trump over the last six weeks.

In a piece headlined “Joe Biden is the luckiest, least scrutinized frontrunner,” Axios reported that since Aug. 31, Biden has answered 365 questions from reporters while Trump answered 753. Axios also noted Biden went almost three months without taking questions from reporters covering his campaign.

“Biden has been the least-scrutinized presidential candidate in modern history at great disservice to the voters, but the press still has time to rectify that,” Trump campaign spokesman Andrew Clark told the site.

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While Trump has been hitting many battleground states in the last few months, Biden has barely been visible on the campaign trail. Sometimes, he doesn’t even appear in public.

On Sept. 19, for instance, Biden called a “lid,” which means reporters can go home, he won’t be seen again that day, at 8:35 in the morning. On

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