Biden Sends Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman to China

Biden Sends Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman to China

The U.S. State Department announced on Wednesday that Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman will visit China on July 25 and 26.

The State Department said Sherman will meet with officials of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), including Foreign Minister Wang Yi. She will be the highest-ranking member of the Biden administration to visit China so far.

The Associated Press (AP) on Wednesday mentioned rumors that China nearly scuttled the Sherman trip by refusing to send any high-level representatives to meet with her. Several anonymous “senior U.S. officials” told the AP Sherman would not have agreed to the visit unless she was allowed to meet with top-ranking Chinese officials.

“These discussions are part of ongoing U.S. efforts to hold candid exchanges with PRC officials to advance U.S. interests and values and to responsibly manage the relationship,” the announcement said. “The Deputy Secretary will discuss areas where we have serious

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