Biden Says Obama Is BFF, But Close Obama Adviser Instantly Makes a Fool of Him


Former Vice President Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic front-runner and current media favorite, made a not-so-subtle and very public attempt last week at warming the heart of former President Barack Obama — and possibly at winning his endorsement.

And it’s leaving one former Obama adviser wondering if it’s all a big joke.

On Friday, the former No. 2 man in the Obama White House tweeted a picture of a childish bracelet with charms spelling out the words “Joe” and “Barack.”

“Happy #BestFriendsDay to my friend, @BarackObama,” Biden tweeted from his campaign’s Twitter page.

Happy #BestFriendsDay to my friend, @BarackObama.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) June 9, 2019

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However, since Obama has not endorsed his former VP in the 2020 Democratic primary race, the tweet was met with a deluge of criticism and mockery.

David Axelrod, chief strategist for Obama’s campaigns and a close adviser, didn’t mince

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