Biden Proves He Learned Nothing From Obama’s Green Failure

Biden Proves He Learned Nothing From Obama’s Green Failure

No one even a little bit political in the early years of the Obama administration could forget the massive failure that was the federal government’s spending on green energy companies that later went bankrupt.

It should have been a cautionary tale for future administrations not to give hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to companies with unproven technology simply because they were in a favored industry. But this is Washington, where failure only means that not enough money was wasted.

Last week, as The Daily Wire reported, President Joe Biden revealed that he is following this model when he announced that he would be spending billions more on green energy companies, saying the lesson he learned from former President Obama wasn’t to be better stewards of taxpayer money, but that the Obama administration didn’t give companies like Solyndra and Abound Solar enough money to succeed.

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It’s been 12 years since Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act spent $787 billion dollars, losing hundreds

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