Biden Privately Tells Democrats That Minimum Wage Hike Is ‘Dead’

Biden Privately Tells Democrats That Minimum Wage Hike Is ‘Dead’

President Joe Biden privately admitted to Democrat mayors and governors last week that a planned hike in the federal minimum wage is “dead” and that it will not be included in the forthcoming COVID-19 relief bill, Politico reports.

Democrats had demanded that a gradual hike, ending at a $15 minimum wage across the country in 2025, be part of the Biden administration’s coronavirus relief package, already estimated to cost taxpayers in the range of $2 trillion.

But with few Republicans on board with passing yet another trillion-dollar bailout for the victims of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and its associated economic lockdowns, Democrats may have no choice but to pass the bill through a process called “reconciliation,” which allows “budget-focused” legislation to pass by a simple majority vote, rather than the 60 votes required for sweeping changes to federal law.

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The Biden administration has been mum on whether the final COVID-19 relief bill would have the minimum wage hike, but

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