Biden Names Outspoken Reparations Advocate to Key Position

Biden Names Outspoken Reparations Advocate to Key Position

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has named outspoken reparations advocate and University of California Law School professor Mehrsa Baradaran to his transition team to help formulate Treasury Department policies.

Bloomberg reported the professor’s appointment as part of a group of “experts on systemic racism” who have been tapped for a Biden administration.

Baradaran, author of the 2017 book “The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap,” argued during an interview on PBS in July that the United States must pay reparations to African-Americans to compensate for the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws.

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“I think looking really hard at what reparations looks like. Every society that has taken from, when you look at the Holocaust, you look at South Africa, you look at the Japanese internment. We have done reparations. We, as Americans, have done reparations,” Baradaran said.

The professor contended the U.S. has breached its

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