Biden must follow liberals on infrastructure — or defy them

Biden must follow liberals on infrastructure — or defy them

President Joe Biden will soon have to decide whether to cut a deal with Republicans on infrastructure or follow the Left’s lead and pass the biggest bill the tiny Democratic congressional majorities can muster.

It is the clearest test yet for the contradictory but successful sales pitch Biden made to the electorate last year. He vowed to use his Washington experience, including 36 years in the Senate, to reach across the aisle to get things done. This helped him win over suburban voters who often cast their ballots for Republicans before former President Donald Trump was the party’s standard-bearer. But he also sought to reassure left-wing voters, some of whom withheld their support from the Democratic ticket in 2016, that he could work with socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders to deliver the “most progressive administration” since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

On infrastructure, Biden could work with Republicans to pass a nearly $1 trillion bipartisan bill mainly funding traditional physical

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