Biden Is About To Get TROLLED By Putin On Human Rights

Biden Is About To Get TROLLED By Putin On Human Rights


Sources say, Vladimir Putin is going to lecture an American ‘leader’ on human rights. This is beyond absurd, but it just goes to show that we have zero leadership right now.

The state of affairs is crazy in this country, and everyone is laughing at us.

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Putin is obviously doing this as a one up maneuver on a guy who does not have the moral high ground at all. Biden cheated and everyone knows it.

Biden wants to lecture the whole world on just about everything, yet he does not even know where he is.

Biden loves locking up Trump supporters because he can’t tolerate political dissidence.

Take a look:

Of course, our legal system is entirely different than Russia's. we don't want to defend the very real atrocities committed by the Russian government. But maybe we've started slipping down the slippery slope toward unjust silencing of political dissidents?

— patrickhenry2022 (@patrickhenry204) June 2, 2021

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