Biden gave ‘serious consideration’ to Sanders for role in cabinet

Biden gave ‘serious consideration’ to Sanders for role in cabinet

President-elect Joe Biden revealed Friday that he wanted to nominate socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders as his labor secretary, but the pair agreed they could not risk losing control of the Senate.

“I did give serious consideration to nominating my friend Bernie Sanders. I’m confident that he could have done a fantastic job,” Biden said in Wilmington, Del., as he unveiled his economic team.

“I can think of no more passionate, devoted ally to working people in this country,” he went on.

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The top US Department of Labor job ended up going to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a respected union leader.

Biden said he and Sanders decided they could not risk losing their recent victory in the US Senate after Democrats triumphed in two Georgia runoff races.

With control of the upper chamber of Congress now 50-50, Vice President Kamala Harris will serve as the tie-breaking vote in her role as Senate president, giving Biden the ability to deliver on

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