Biden Dismisses Needing Obama's Endorsement Despite Running on His Legacy


Joe Biden dismissed needing Barack Obama’s endorsement in his bid for the 2020 Democrat nomination, despite running on the former president’s legacy.

The former vice president, who is quick to tout the Obama-Biden administration on the campaign trail, was asked about the relationship with his former running mate during an interview with Politico on Monday. In particular, Biden was questioned if the former president’s non-endorsement would impact him down the line when primary voters are confronted between only two or three candidates for the nomination.

“No, because everyone knows I’m close with him,” Biden said, after reiterating he had not asked the former president for his support and would not do so once the field winnowed. “I don’t need an Obama endorsement.”

He went on to claim that the former president was not as crucial to putting together the vaunted Obama coalition as many believe. Biden, in fact, suggested he deserved

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