Biden DEAD This Week?

Biden DEAD This Week?

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Now let me explain…

Yesterday I brought you what I said was the most powerful prophecy I had ever heard from Timothy Dixon.

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Today he posted a new video and this one is definitely the most stunning.

As always, I don’t like to summarize too much so that I say something wrong or not exactly the way he said it in his video.

So I encourage you to watch the whole thing….you will NOT be disappointed, and you’ll hear it 100% the way he said it.

But here’s a short summary to give you the Cliff’s Notes.

The video was titled “A casket in the White House”.

And yes, in the first 2 minutes, Dixon reveals the casket is holding Joe Biden.

Dixon said this is all from a dream God gave him last night (April 30) and it was vividly realistic and detailed.

So Biden is in the casket, and when you

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