Biden Continues To Proclaim Unity While Sowing Division

Biden Continues To Proclaim Unity While Sowing Division

On Friday, the president and first lady meandered through a Valentine display Jill Biden designed to decorate the front lawn of the White House. With Champ, Major, and a handful of media lap dogs in tow, the Bidens nodded with approval at the large white, red, and pink heart-shaped cut-outs adorned with trite truisms: “unity,” “healing,” “love,” and “compassion.”

But Democrat politicians don’t want healing, love, or compassion. They want power. If successful and long-lasting, the policies they push, and corporate media and Big Tech’s complicity in the leftward lurch of our country, will ensure America is never united again.

Last week’s photo-op continued the unity theme Democrats have been peddling since their primary season began in 2019. After Biden secured the nomination and ran on a “character counts” platform, the press continued to play along, ignoring both Biden’s scandals and his own bullying behavior.

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Biden’s inaugural address proclaimed the unity theme as well, before the president

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