Biden Bumbles for 20 Seconds Straight: 'Back in the Turn of the Ce-, In the 19- 1920 in That Area'

Biden Bumbles for 20 Seconds Straight: 'Back in the Turn of the Ce-, In the 19- 1920 in That Area'

Another day, another bizarre, bumbling rant from President Joe Biden.

His speech patterns are turning out to be rather metaphorical for his leadership style, don’t you think?

A clip of President Biden babbling for nearly 30 seconds sped around Twitter on Tuesday, causing Americans to collectively ask, “Wait … what?” — and not for the first time, either.

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“Parenthetically,” Biden began, “when you build a charging station, it’s like back in the day when my grandpop worked for an American oil company back in the turn of the ce-, in the 19- 1920 in that area, they went from, ga-, state to state convincing people that they put- a lot of them put 20,000 gallons of gasoline under the ground, they didn’t want them around.”

Check out the cringe-worthy moment:


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What he said!

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) October 5, 2021

I mean … huh?

President Biden loves to tell stories like this, but they’re often what get him into trouble.

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For one, he’s told the same story about an Amtrak employee congratulating him for all the miles he’d logged on the rails on several occasions — a story that has been thoroughly debunked each time as absolutely none of the details add up, and it seems impossible that it happened at all.

Yet it’s one of his favorites — he was caught ramblingly telling it to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson just last month.

Then there’s his dumpster fire of a story about a “bad dude” named “Corn Pop,” who was apparently some manner of thug Biden managed to confront and thwart when he worked at a Delaware swimming pool in the ’60s, which is as unbelievable as it is indecipherable.


— Ricky Lee (@Rickylee170) September 27, 2021


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It’s not just Biden’s rambling stories that give one pause. It’s his rambling, period, as well as the stuttering, awkward pauses while talking, and frequent habit of worrying aloud that he’ll “get in trouble” if he

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