Biden Blames Trump For West Coast Wildfires Democrats Fanned

Biden Blames Trump For West Coast Wildfires Democrats Fanned

Wildfires have long been a natural part of the west coast’s ecosystem, but what we’ve seen over the past decades, especially in the last few years, is on a scale not seen since the raging infernos of the early 20th century. The nearly 900,000 acres burning in Oregon have forced at least 10 percent of the state’s population from their homes.

According to CAL FIRE, six of the Golden State’s 20 largest blazes in history have occurred this year alone. The largest so far, called the August Complex fire, has scorched more than 750,000 acres and was only 30 percent contained as of Monday.

Right now, the Pacific states look like something out of the Book of Revelations. You’ve seen the pictures—thousands of homes engulfed in flames and glowing red skies so thick with ash it makes Beijing’s air look pristine by comparison. Of course, the ultimate tragedy is at least 33 lives lost from these wildfires.

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