Biden Adviser Ezekiel Emanuel Makes Money By Keeping You On Lockdown

Biden Adviser Ezekiel Emanuel Makes Money By Keeping You On Lockdown

Here’s a LinkedIn profile I’d like to see: In a fantasy world where everyone is obligated to tell the truth, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel’s top-of-the-page summary would read, “Professional medical ethicist. Served two American presidents by crafting intellectual framework and persuasive moral arguments in service of world-changing health care policy. Will craft bioethical philosophy and matching rhetoric to suit your needs!”

Emanuel, who some might remember from 2009 as a chief salesman for President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, is back in the spotlight again with tuned-up public health priorities and a new Democratic politician to serve. In this round of public service, he’s a member of Joe Biden’s public health advisory committee. With the pandemic ongoing, and health policy and virus restrictions front and center in this election, Emanuel’s position within Biden’s team matters.

Emanuel Wants Another Lockdown

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