Biden administration cuts citizenship test questions in half

Biden administration cuts citizenship test questions in half

President Biden’s administration is cutting in half the number of civics questions for US citizenship applicants and scrapping other Trump administration changes to the quiz.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency said Monday it will now only ask 10 questions of applicants, rather than 20 under a policy enacted in December.

The prospective citizen must still answer 60 percent correctly and pass an English test.

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The civics questions now will be drawn from a list of 100 provided for study, down from 128 under the Trump-era changes.

Under either version, applicants could be asked about the roles of various federal offices, such as senators and representatives, and about founding documents. Acceptable correct answers are provided in study guides.

One discarded possible question asked, “The words ‘Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness’ are in what founding document?” The only correct answer is the Declaration of Independence.

Another now-discarded Declaration question asked, “What founding document said the American colonies

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