Biden Admin Slapped ‘Unprecedented’ Gag Order On Media Execs

Biden Admin Slapped ‘Unprecedented’ Gag Order On Media Execs

The Biden administration not only supported a secret legal effort to obtain the phone and email records of four New York Times reporters, but its Justice Department imposed a gag order on the Times “to shield it from public view” — a move the newspaper called “unprecedented” in journalistic history.

The revelation comes just weeks after President Joe Biden called such records requests “absolutely, positively wrong,” adding, “I will not let that happen.”

On January 5, the Trump administration petitioned a court to obtain the reporters’ email information from Google, which provides the Times’ email services. The newly inaugurated Biden administration continued the probe and added a new twist.

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“While the Trump administration never informed the Times about the effort, the Biden administration continued waging the fight this year, telling a handful of top Times executives about it but imposing a gag order to shield it from public view, said the lawyer, David McCraw, who called the move unprecedented,” the Times reported.


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