Biden Admin Pushing Critical Race Theory Through Federal Grants

Biden Admin Pushing Critical Race Theory Through Federal Grants

The Department of Education is seeking to promote the widespread adoption of critical race theory in public schools by allowing for project grant requests that focus on implementing so-called equitable learning models, including those that make a student’s race the central object of study.

Listed as proposed priorities in the Federal Register, the DOE is seeking to alter the American History and Civics Education programs to demand that students incorporate reflections of their race in their studies and promote the idea that the United States is structurally and systemically racist.

The move comes amid heightened fears that the government will push racialist policies in education to indoctrinate children against American governance and foster racial enmity against white people. Notably, it follows closely on the heels of a case at the private Grace Church High School in Manhattan, where the school head was caught on tape admitting that so-called antiracist curricula were

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