Biden Addresses 2021 High School Graduates...Compares “Systemic Racism” (Race War Obama Started) To Vietnam War [VIDEO]

Biden Addresses 2021 High School Graduates…Compares “Systemic Racism” (Race War Obama Started) To Vietnam War [VIDEO]

In one of his creepiest videos to date, Joe Biden, who appeared to be semi-sedated, spoke to high school graduates in the class of 2021.

Biden’s speech began with a creepy smile, “Congratulations,” Biden told the graduates as he bizarrely laughed and then quickly transitioned, talking about how “this past year has been an extraordinarily difficult time.” While he seemed to be referring to the COVID, Biden didn’t mention the pandemic by name, which is curious, considering how laser-focused Democrats were on blaming the Wuhan virus on President Trump while Joe was running for office.

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A Joe squinted his eyes, reading the teleprompter as though his script appeared in 6 pt. print, he told graduates about how it would be up to them to create happiness in Joe, Kamala, and Barack Obama’s new America—where gas prices have tripled in many states, lumber prices are 10 times higher than when Trump was President. Reports of consumers finding empty shelves

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